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This page gives hints on how to define frequency meshes (on the imaginary and real axes) for MBPT calculations with the ABINIT package.


In the contour deformation technique, and other cases, one has to define a set of frequencies on which different numerical operations will be performed (computation of susceptibility matrices, integration along the real+imaginary axes). In the present topic, the input variables connected to such definitions are gathered.


  • freqremax FREQuencies along the Real axis MAXimum
  • freqremin FREQuencies along the Real axis MINimum
  • nfreqim Number of FREQuencies along the IMaginary axis
  • nfreqmidm Nth FREQuency Moment of the Imaginary part of the Dielectric Matrix
  • nfreqre Number of FREQuencies along the REal axis


Selected Input Files

No input file associated to this topic.


  • The second tutorial on GW deals with the computation of the quasi-particle band structure of Aluminum, in the GW approximation (so, much better than the Kohn-Sham LDA band structure) without using the plasmon-pole model.