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Acronyms and other shortenings

Acronym Meaning
BSE Bethe-Salpether Equation
cRPA constrained Random-Phase Approximation
DDB Derivative DataBase
DFPT Density Functional Perturbation Theory
DFT Density Functional Theory
DFT+U Density Functional Theory + U (Hubbard interaction).
DMFT Dynamical Mean Field Theory
DOS Density Of States
EFG Electric Field Gradient
EPH Electron-Phonon interaction
FFT Fast Fourier Transform
GGA Generalized Gradient Approximation
GKK (This is not an acronym. Denotes the electron-phonon matrix elements.)
GW (This is not an acronym. G and W stand for ‘Green Function’ and ‘Screened Interaction’)
LDA Local Density Approximation
LR Linear Response
LWF Lattice Wannier Function
MBPT Many-Body Perturbation Theory
MBT Many-Body Theory
MD Molecular Dynamics
MRG Merge (postprocessors like MRGDDB, MRGGKK, …)
PAW Projector-Augmented Waves
PIMD Path-Integral Molecular Dynamics
RF Response Function
RPA Random-Phase Approximation
SCF Self-Consistent Field
TD-DFT Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory
TDEP Temperature Dependence (or Dependent) - also the name of a methodology to deal with anharmonicities.
WF Wannier Function - or sometimes - WaveFunction